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The Scarlett Satin Mini Dress

The Power of Red

Colours will always play a significant role in our lives. Whether conscious or subconscious, it makes a significant impact on us. From royalty to styling and even food, colours can symbolise different things and send messages to anyone around us. For many, colours are used to inspire and motivate – to take action, and achieve success!

No one can deny that clothes and colours have an important connection. There are certain expectations on certain colours. And – this is no secret – people judge others based on the colours they wear. Don’t deny it!

It’s not a coincidence that the most powerful and influential women have often worn red, one way or another. Colour psychology says that red is considered to “elicit the strongest emotions of any colour.” It’s vibrant, eye-catching, and depending on the shade, can be romantic to downright intimidating. Short to say, red is the most intense and emotional colour. It’s the colour of passion, love, power, confidence, and even anger.

When to Wear a Red Dress?

The Princess Mini Dress in Red

So, you’d like to style yourself as a woman in red? Let’s look into wearing a red dress, and when it would be appropriate to wear (and even make a statement with). Here’s a list of occasions when a red dress would be the perfect #OOTD:

  1. Formal events: A red dress can be a bold and elegant choice for a formal event. Think proms, galas, or a wedding. Just make sure that it fits with the theme! When you wear it to these events, it can convey confidence, power, and sophistication.
  2. Job interviews: Nervous about the interview, but want to project confidence? Dress yourself in red. The colour can also give off an assertive vibe, and easily stands out. This is particularly useful in a competitive job market.
  3. Dates: Don’t fret if it’s just your first date. Red always make a romantic choice for date-wear. Remember, the colour is associated with love and passion. 
  4. Parties: Standing out has never been easier than with a red dress! Whether the party is formal or casual, a red dress surely makes a statement. It also makes you easy to spot in any crowd!
  5. Celebration: Red can also be associated with joy and celebration – victory, to be exact. It’s a great colour choice for holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.
  6. Self-empowerment: Your clothing of choice is not always about projecting to others. Wearing the colour red can be used as a tool to boost your confidence, and this helps make you feel more self-assured and assertive.

Note that picking out your perfect outfit also considers body type and occasion. But don’t forget that at the end of the day, what would matter is your personal style, and whatever you are comfortable and confident in!