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The Coming Home Hoodie


The Power of Comfort

The changes brought about by the pandemic can’t even be put into words. It’s safe to say that Covid has affected so much of our lives. But if you were to think of one fashion change? Yes, we’re all thinking about the same thing. It’s the rise of loungewear as everyday attire. Almost everyone in the world began to work from home in the year 2020, so the home-body lifestyle rose in numbers. That meant renewed interest in comfortable (but still stylish!) clothing options. You know, the ones you can wear at home and on video calls. With the cheeky blazer thrown on top, of course!

The Classic Bike Short in Black

So how did fashion brands respond to this trend?

They began to introduce newer, more work-from-home-appropriate clothing. Designs incorporated the soft, stretchable fabrics people loved to lounge in. Style also became more casual. The typical business attire – skirts, suits, and blouses – were now made of comfortable and less structured materials. If you were to try these styles out, you can easily “lounge” in style. Say goodbye to the woes of dressing in multiple outfits through the day, just for your daily activities!

From Your Home to the Streets

It also became socially acceptable to have sleepwear on when going out, like one was going to a pajama party always. To this day, you can spot celebrities to the everyday gal wearing silk and satin sleepwear tops. These were usually paired with jeans and sneakers, and were worn for activities like one’s errands or a date. You can say that traditional clothing categories like “business casual”, “formal”, or “casual” have been blurred. And to this day, this is still an exciting change that’s reflective of the transitioning times!

This style can be seen on and off the runway, and models and celebrities particularly love it! With many designers incorporating luxury loungewear pieces in their collections, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay.

Head to Toe

It isn’t just the actual clothes that have changed because of the pandemic. Footwear trends have also seen a change. Sales for high heels have seen a drop of 71% since 2020. Younger fashionistas have long rejected traditional work dress codes – and footwear. Try checking out any company with a younger team. You would see that their typical work attires consist of rubber shoes (or even slip-on sandals) paired with shirts and slacks. With the closure of offices, restaurants, and nightclubs, people had less places to wear their formal shoes to. And so, the rise of comfortable footwear began. Talk about comfy!

Social media has done a lot to solidify the trend of head-to-toe comfort. Almost everyone online would document their lives, in snippets or in full-length vlog form. This meant that their sense of personal style was broadcasted to the world. “Anti-luxury” loungewear also appeals to the millennial anti-fashion sentiment. So really, loungewear is not just a head-to-toe change. It’s also intergenerational!

Is Loungewear Here to Stay?

The rise in loungewear usage might be a passing phase in fashion. Or, it just might be a revolutionary change that’s here to stay. You might be confident that it’s here to stay, and that’s understandable. After all, who wouldn’t love the idea of just throwing on some sneakers without having to change out of your comfy hoodies?

So, passing trend or here to stay? That’s still a bit unclear. But one thing is certain – the fashion industry will always adapt to the changing needs and preferences of consumers at any point in time!