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Go for the full formal look

Maxi dresses are frequently worn casually, but dressing them up as formal wear is simple and suitable for any season. Much of this is attributed to the accessories rather than the dress itself. Those wishing to look extremely fashionable and comfortable should wear floor-length styles. Choosing darker colours or patterns will keep you looking extremely chic and comfortable. To instantly turn any dress into formal wear, wear stylish flats, a small clutch, and statement jewellery. Makeup and styled hair complete the look.

Attending a wedding? Wear a maxi.

If you're attending a wedding and aren't sure what the dress code or formality level is, a maxi dress may be your best bet. Maxi dresses can look equally as good at casual outdoor weddings or destination weddings as they do at semi-formal or formal occasions with a lot of flashy jewellery.



Casual Fridays in a dress is a yes

If it is the time of the week to slow down and run errands around town or go to the beach with friends, a maxi is also a great option whether day or night.  May it be for casual events like lunch dates, family gatherings, and shopping. It’s lightweight, free-flowing silhouette allows as much airflow and comfort as possible. Most casual maxis have straps instead of sleeves, deep necks, slits, and other decorations that push the casual look.

The beautiful thing about a casual maxi dress is that you don’t have to dress it up much. The dress alone brings all the style, femininity, and freshness you need from a casual outfit. However, you can do one or two things to make the outfit stand out even more. Here’s two accessories you can add to make you look more extra in a casual maxi dress: a hat and a pair of sunglasses. These two add a layer of colour and style, not to mention they protect your skin and eyes from direct sunlight. Make sure that you go for a dress that goes along with your hat, but if in doubt, always go white or beige.



Dress in a maxi this spring

Spring is another season that acts as a transitional time of year when it comes to your wardrobe. The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are starting to warm up. However, there is usually still a slight chill in the evening air. 

Chase off this lingering winter chill by pairing a classic black or navy blue maxi dress with a stylish blazer and wedge heels for an evening out. Or slip on a plain white tee underneath your clothing, a straw hat, and booties for a morning at the market.