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Some fashion pieces seem to steal the spotlight. Cocktail dresses, mini skirts, blazers, jumpsuits, leather boots and high heels. Nothing wrong with that, right? They are lovely! But any woman’s closet could survive without one of those. Yet hardly anyone would make the same case for a pair of jeans. Very much as moisturiser and serum are part of the quintessential skincare routine, denim is the staple of any woman’s closet worldwide. No wardrobe can ever be complete without them!



Denim looks good with everything

A time tested truth, since 1934 when the first ad for a pair of jeans dropped in North America under a slogan that read “Right for…leisure”, is that denim matches with just about anything you pair it with. From simple tees to a Saskia knit jumper. A Carma Long sleeve top to Laguna Babydoll Top. Denim makes looking good and in style almost too easy!

They come in different fits and finishes

To be able to match itself with anything is not to be confused with bland or lukewarm. Au contraire, jeans have been in constant evolution, just as much as any other piece in your wardrobe. Denim fashion moves forward with the times but it also makes comebacks with throwback trends (mom jeans are no longer a laughing matter, they are fantastic!), and they never lose their punch.


Minx Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Our Minx Ripped Boyfriend Jeans is a 100% cotton ripped jeans with a mid-rise fit. Perfect for a picnic at the park or a night at the movies. Heads are sure to turn the next time you take your dogs out for a walk in a pair of these. They spell attitude and freedom. Oh, and did we say how they match with almost everything?


Sky High Skinny Jeans

This blog entry is clearly on a total denim daze and we’re crushing hard on the Sky High skinny leg jeans. In a cool dark navy hue these high-waisted jeans are a must. Made in a stretchy cotton fabric and features the comfy and classic skinny leg fit, 5 pockets and a zip and button closure. Nail casual cool style and team the Sky High jeans with a printed tee and sneakers.


Hiker Hover High Waisted Jeans

Our Hiker Hover High Waisted Jeans are both classic and in style. Like all good high waisted jeans they will draw the eye towards the waist and give you a longer lower body look. Needless to say they are very comfortable and they are all the rage still. Some will even go as far as to say that they make you look slimmer in an instant!

So…we think the case has been made: jeans are as awesome as eternal! Always in style and never out of fashion. If you are a denim lover like us, look around our Denim collection and take your pick!