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Coming up with good gift ideas for women in your life can be tough. Here’s a list o f thoughtful and unique Christmas gifts ideas for the women in your life.

Christmas is no doubt one of the most joyous times of the year. The holiday season serves as an excuse to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, celebrate with a slew of fun-filled festive parties and haphazardly toss tinsel through your interiors in an attempt to mark the occasion. 

The month of December also sees many receive a number of thoughtful gifts from their nearest and dearest. And while tearing through Christmas wrapping paper never fails to spark a unique sense of joy, the quest to find the perfect present in return is unfortunately nowhere near such an exciting activity.

We have arduously put together a list of perfect gift ideas for the power females in your life!


Versace Pour Femme Dylan Purple

Dylan Purple is a bright and elegant fragrance. A sparkling bergamot is blended with the joyful tones of a freshly harvested orange, while the delicate scents of freesia deliver an explosion of bright purple colour. The bottle's elegant curves are reminiscent of an amphora, strongly evoking the classical culture and mythology that runs deep through the Versace imagination.

versace pur femme purple

Suncare kit

Ultra Violette's ultra-moisturising, fast-absorbing, no-ghost SPF 50+ sunscreen has a cult following for a reason, and this little kit has everything you need for a sun-safe beach trip.

Suncare kit

Princess Off Shoulder Mini Dress

Off-shoulder dresses are not only gorgeous, but they are an item that remains in fashion forever, so it is definitely one you should invest in and would make a perfect gift for any fashion savvy woman out there.

Off shoulder dress urban sport


Bondi Wash

A gentle, 100% plant-based Swim & Sport Wash designed to remove odours and refresh swimwear and sportswear.

Bondi Was



A bath bomb crossed with a surprise egg

If your mud pie is missing an ingredient, this is it. Part bath bomb, part surprise egg; pour water over this sherbert-like sphere and watch it fizz, then collect the secret treasure inside.


Bath Bomb

Rise and Lounge Sweat

Holiday dressing seems different in 2022 - you might not be covered in head-to-toe sequins or wear party clothes, but you can still dress up loungewear. Totes comfy!

Rise and lounge sweat urban sport


Moisturising Cream

This luxurious cream could spell the end of your search for a good moisturiser. Made in Australia, and with mostly organic ingredients, it's a standout product for sensitive skin.

moisturising cream

Meadow Wrap Mini Dress

This gorgeous mini wrap dress in green is the perfect dress for Christmas lunch with family and friends. Stylish and comfortable and uber feminine.

wrap around urban sport